Parish Pastoral Council


St. Patrick Parish Pastoral Council Steering Committee


“Hands to serve and hearts to love” -  Mother Teresa

The St. Patrick Parish Pastoral Council was restructured under the leadership of the current pastor, Father Henry Kulah, who was assigned to St. Patrick in 2008.  The new organizational format consists of a steering committee of 8 members appointed by the pastor.   The first organizational meeting of the Committee was held on May 15, 2014.

The PC Steering Committee Members:

  • Joan Mack Chairman
  • Angela Burke, Secretary
  • Barbara J. Birds
  • Gloria Fielding
  • Joy Demarest
  • Marcella Holmes
  • Arthur McFarlland
  • Paul Stoney
  • Richard Pastva
  • Angelica Colwell
  • Maricela Villalobos
  • Augustine (Gus) Olalere
  • Tom Fressilli


  • The term of the Pastoral Council Steering Committee member is 3 years with the possibility of re-appointment by the Pastor.  Members may serve only 2 consecutive terms (6 years).
  • Only the Pastor may call a meeting of the PC Steering Committee.
  • There should be a minimum of 6 regular meetings a year.
  • The 6 standard PC Committees and their subcommittees should meet monthly, or as needed.
  •  All meetings are generally open to parishioners.  Dates and times are posted in the parish Bulletin.

Members of the PC Steering Committee should...

  • serve as the eyes and ears of the parish;
  • alert the Pastor on issues and concerns reported by parishioners;
  • investigate the issues and suggests solutions to the Pastor;
  • foster unity and a sense of community in the parish;
  • coordinate all parish activities in a manner that will best serve the interests of the parish.

Good communication between the PC Steering Committee and the Pastoral Finance Council is essential.  A member of the PC Finance Council serves on the PC Steering Committee.

Six Critical Goals of the PC Steering Committee:


“Depen our Knowledge and Commitment to FAITH FORMATION

Assist the parish and the pastoral council to include evangelization as a dimension of every parish activity and ministry which include Christian formation, liturgical, prayer, worship, religious education on all levels, and ministry fairs to promote volunteerism.

Barbara Birds, Chairman,


“Energize and Excite our YOUTH

Strive to enable young people to be full and active participants in the life of the Church by developing and maintaining a youth ministry network; provide quality programs and activities for youths in the parish.

Richard Pastva, Chairman,  


“Build our Community via Social Ministry & Hospitality

Assist parish in becoming a community of service by developing and maintaining active social concerns programs which reflect gospel values of service, justice, mercy and peace. 

 Paul Stoney, Chairman,


“Upgrade our Marketing, Communication & Awareness

Oversee the Parish Website, improve advertisement in local publications, seek opportunities for public service announcements, maintain parish calendar, review and give input on the Parish Bulletin. Create social media presence such as Facebook and improve internal communication.

Joan Mack, Chairman,


“Develop a Sustainable Parish through Stewardship"

Provide continuity and good communication with the Parish Finance Council; identify, analyze, and recommend strategies to encourage parishioner participation in, and financial support of, the parish and its pastoral ministries and programs; find ways to provide funding for parish sponsored projects and community activities; support long-range planning for the financial needs of the parish, on-line giving, offering time, talent and sacrificial giving.

Arthur McFarland, Chairman,


 “Accelerate Upgrading of our Buildings and Grounds

Ensure that the parish plant and its campus are maintained in a functionally efficient, clean, attractive, safe, and operational manner. In addition, the Committee advises and develops short and long range strategies for the upkeep and development of the parish campus. Parish properties include the church,    St. Patrick Parish Center; Mr. Oliver’s House the Pastor’s Rectory; a storage garage and a grave yard located on the church property.

Joan Mack, Chairman,


Who We Are


Our VISION Statement

"St. Patrick is a Welcoming, Family Church"


Our MISSION Statement

"St. Patrick Catholic Church is a faith-filled community forever growing in a relationship with Christ.  We celebrate the presence of Christ in Word and Sacrament, demonstrate love and concern for all parishioners, teach by example and serve the needs of others in our community."

Council Activities


     Faith Formation         

Re-affirmation  of Marriage Vows.  Thirty couples, married for 10 or more years, participated in the ceremony held September 25, 2016.

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Social Ministry and Hospitality

Sorting items for the holiday food baskets donated annually to needy families in the community.

Buildings and Grounds

Yard clean-up volunteers hard at work!

Online Giving

Online Giving

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