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February 17 & 18:  All the readings point to 'rebooting.'  The story of Noah is a Divine reboot of creation.  Lent is a time to reboot; to start again.  Christ went into the desert and came back and started His ministry saying "repent."  Repent, reboot.

February 14, Ash Wednesday:  We haven't always been faithful.  The prophet Joel encourages us to return to the Lord.  And we have hope - our God is a merciful God.  Lent is a time of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

February 10 & 11:  Jesus is a healing God.  Leprosy was considered the worst illness to get.  It took the leper great courage to approach Christ.  Sin is also an illness.  What leprosy do you have?  Bring it to the Healer.

February 3 & 4:  We have a God who gives us grace to overcome spiritual suffering, spiritual pains - our sins.  God healed Paul who overcame his sin.  When Paul becomes "all things for all", it is a reflection of how Christ came from God to become a man just like us.

January 27 & 28:  One can be married to wealth, power, or fame.  Don't worry about earthly things, but be ready for Christ's coming.

January 20 & 21:  There is a conversion when we are called.  Our conversion can be immediate or gradual.  It can be life-long!  The sacraments give us the grace for our conversion.

January 13 & 14:  The Lord has a mission for each of us.  What is your mission?  How has God called you?

January 6 & 7:  Today's Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord is part of the Christmas celebration.  The Magis were searching for God.  Are we?  We come to church to know God better, to hear God's Word, to let God reveal Himself to us.


December 30 & 31:  Are our families holy?  It's not what we do, but that God reaches out to us.  Can we live in faith and obediance?  Let us then pray for God's grace and courage.  

Christmas Eve vigil:  We all need someone to speak in our behalf, plead our case.  We all need a savior.  Today we celebrate the coming of that Savior.  But we need to accept the offer.

December 23 & 24:  King David was speaking of an earthly dwelling; God was speaking of something else.  Jesus is the house that God promises.  So, as last week's readings tell us, rejoice and give thanks always.

December 16 & 17:  We are all called and annointed.  We all have the Spirit of the Lord.  How well are we bearing witness to the Light?  And is our Christian vocation joyful?

December 9 & 10:  We are a people in exile.  Our real home is eternity with God.  The Lord hears us and comes to save us.

December 2 & 3:  We are walking a spiritual treadmill; the reading are cyclical.  But just as it takes time to see the benefits of walking a treadmill for health, something is maturing in us spiritually as long as we're not just marking time.  Are we yearning for Christ' coming?  If so - the treadmill works!

November 25 & 26:  Jesus Christ is not a king that lords it over us; He's not a tyrant.  He is a servant-king.  He is the Good Shepard and advocates for us.

November 18 & 19:  God has given every one of us talent.  We should use the talent for the glory of God and for service for others.  Don't be idle! Take a risk; God will appreciate the effort.

November 11 & 12:  The Kingdom is like a wedding - full of joy.  But we need to come prepared and keep our lights burning.

November 4 & 5:  We should be servant-leaders.  Christ gave us that example; "...the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve," (Matthew 20:28).

October 28 & 29 Love is the greatest commandment.  Jesus doesn't tell us what not to do, but what to do.  We are called to do good. (Fr. Przywara, visiting priest)

October 21 & 22 Seek and find His wisdom, peace, and hope.   Live with humility and wisdom. (Fr. McDonough, visiting priest)

October 14 & 15: October is Respect Life month.  We all have choices to make, including whether to love or not love.  We're asked to keep Jesus' sacrificial love alive.                   Msgr. Lathem, visiting priest

October 7 & 8: We, a people of faith, can take our troubles to the Lord.  Remember ACTS - adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, supplication.                                                     Msgr.  Lehocky, visiting priest

September 29 & October 1: The readings are about conversion; Jesus doesn't want lip service from us.  Our words and deeds should be one.  Reinforce your commitment!

September 9 & 10:  Put your name in the place of Ezekiel: Thus says the Lord, (name) I have appointed you as watchman.  Practice the spiritual act of mercy to counsel the ignorant.  But judge in love and in charity.

September 2 & 3:  When it is hard to be a Christian, do we feel duped?  Jesus reminds us that to be His follower, we have to take up our cross.

August  26 & 27:  "Lord do not forsake the works of Your hands."  God does not abandon the works of His hands; God uplifts them.  (visiting priest for mission work, Fr. Reid)

August 19 & 20:  "My house shall be called a house of prayer for all people."  How inclusive are we?  To be a disciple of Jesus, we must break down barriers like He did.

August 12 & 13:  We all have human needs.  We have the Savior in our midst, though.  We need to remember to call on Him when the wind and waves of trouble prevail upon us.

August 5 & 6:  Jesus' human body was like a veil over His divinity.  The Transfiguration is one of the ways God reveals Christ's divinity to help us believe.  God pulls apart the veil.  It's a feast that helps us grow in faith.

July 29 & 30:  "Do you understand all this?" is a complex question.  Each parable leads to a question.  What is my treasure?  What am I searching for?  And life is short, death is certain, and judgement is certain; am I ready for the judgement?

July 22 & 23:  The church has an universal mission.  We preach to all.  Like the mustard seed, the church grows large enough that all can find a home.  We cannot rest until all people have been saved by the church Jesus Christ founded. (visiting priest, Fr. Artur)

July 15 & 16: The seed is the grace of God which is scattered over all. All of us are the different types of soil at different times in our lives. God scatters the grace so we all can be fruitful.

July 8 & 9:  God's law is a law of love; it's not meant to enslave us.   If we find the law burdensome, Jesus says to bring our burden to Him.  We bring all of our burdens to Him in the Eucharist.

July 1 & 2:  What is the cost of discipleship?  jesus wants to be the center of our lives.  Ask for the grace of the Lord to guide us.

June 24 & 25:  It takes courage to be Catholic in the face of difficulties.  The courage is the grace of God.  Do not be afraid; God certainly cares about you.

June 17 & 18, the Feast of Corpus Christi:  This is the feast of the Body and Blood of Christ.  Today is a feast of faith; we celebrate faith in this sacrament.  A consecrated and non-consecrated host looks the same; it is in faith that we recognize they are very different.

June 10 & 11:  The Holy Trinity is a great mystery but we don't have to understand it to be saved.   All we have to do is to just believe.

June 3 & 4:  We today, are the apostles of our time.  Go out and take action.

May 27 & 28:  Jesus' mission is accomplished.  He came to tell us to repent, to forgive, and to have faith.  Now He sends us on the mission.

May 20 & 21:  Jesus said, "those who believe in me would do greater work than I".   Do we really believe in this?   Wait for the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, the one who will bring out the best in all of us!

May 13 & 14: The Acts of the Apostles could be called the 'deeds of the Apostles' and are to provide us examples of how to live as Christians and how to live lives of faith.  "Love your neighbor as yourself."  How committed am I to the ones around me?  How committed is our church community?

May 6 & 7:  Like Peter, do we boldly stand up in Jesus' name to proclaim our faith?  Or do we miss chances to share our faith - even in the smallest ways?

April 29 & 30 - What is the point of the story of the road to Emmaus?  Our God comes to meet us where we are.  Encounter the living God!  That's what the sacraments do.  They help us to grow in intimacy.

Divine Mercy Sunday, April 23 - Why did the Easter event happen?  So  our sins would be forgiven.  "Father, forgive them, for they do not know not what they are doing. (NIV Luke 23:34)"

Easter Sunday, April 16 - The Lord is risen, hallelujah!  When we say "Christ has died," we need to say "Christ has died for ME."  Spare no effort to tell the story.

Veneration of the Cross (Good Friday)  In the Passion narrative, Jesus says little - even though He knows His word has power.  He empties Himself for us.  Even on the cross, He shows concern for others.  Can we empty ourselves for others?

Holy Thursday - By His word, Jesus changed water into wine at Cana.  By His word, at the Passover supper, He broke bread and said "This is my body."  Do we believe?  That is our challenge.

April 8 & 9 - (Events of this Holy Week) are not to be preached upon, but pondered.

April 1 & 2 - We're dead in sin; cut off from God.  What can give us life?  Nothing but God.  God gives us new life. 

March 25 & 26 - We are all born blind because of original sin.   We are only able to gain our sight when we are brought into light by Jesus.

March 18 & 19 - We all have human desires and look in all the wrong places.  Only God can satisify them.  God invites us to the Living Water.

March 11 & 12 - Today's Gospel is about the Transfiguration.  We experiennce the Transfiguration every Sunday liturgy when God transfigures the ordinary bread and wine into His Son's body and blood.

March 4 & 5 - The church encourages us to pray more in Lent; connect with God.

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